• Liechtenstein’s 8th official climate report under the UN Climate Convention
    7Gen is proud to have supported the Liechtenstein government in creating the 8th National Communication under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. These reports, published every 4 years by all countries under the Convention, summarise each country’s climate mitigation and adaptation strategies and document progress towards climate targets.7Gen joined the existing reporting team, consisting … Read more
  • Are they walking the walk? Assessing countries’ implementation of stated climate policy goals.
    In partnership with AG Energy & Climate Ltd in the UK, we have developed a policy implementation check framework for the Climate Transparency project, with support from the World Bank.The framework aims to evaluate whether countries are taking credible action on the ground to implement 1.5°C compatible policies across nine key policy areas.It consists of a six-step … Read more
  • Supporting the EU in developing their hydrogen network
    We supported the European Commission in defining its new market rules for hydrogen which were published on 15 December as part of the EC’s new ‘Decarbonisation Gas Markets Package’ proposal under the ‘Fit for 55 Package’, also known as the European Green Deal. Together with hydrogen and gas market experts from Guidehouse, Frontier Economics and … Read more
  • Creating access to the world’s foremost corporate emissions dataset
    7Gen is supporting CDP, the world’s foremost corporate environmental disclosure platform, in creating their new tracking system.The system is intended to make the vast information in CDP’s reporting system available to a wider audience in an open access portal. In the initial analysis, launched in October 2021, we find that 13% of total global GHG … Read more
  • En-ROADS Klimarollenspiel fĂŒr den Umweltlehrgang 2021
    7Gen wird am 27. November 2021, anlĂ€sslich des Umweltlehrgangs des Fördervereins Akademie fĂŒr Angewandte Politik in Liechtenstein, den zertifizierten En-ROADS Workshop „Klimagipfel der Vereinten Nationen“ durchfĂŒhren. Wie laufen internationale Klimaverhandlungen ab? Was sind dabei die Positionen der verschiedenen Interessensgruppen? Und welche Stellhebel haben wir ĂŒberhaupt, an denenwir wirklich ansetzen mĂŒssen, um das Pariser Klimaziel zu … Read more
  • India can claim climate leadership through green COVID-19 recovery
    India can become a climate leader and save a quarter of a million lives by greening its COVID recovery: Take a look at our new study! We find that by retiring coal plants over 18 years of age and rethinking its coal pipeline, India could reduce emissions below its current policy pathway by up to … Read more
  • How companies setting SBTs can help the UK get to net-zero
    Today saw the launch of our report for WWF UK on the impact of corporate climate targets on UK emissions. We have analysed the impact that UK companies have when they set and meet science-based emission reduction targets. We also answer the question of how much additional emission reductions can be expected from more companies … Read more
  • New tool to explore domestic emissions pathways compatible with the Paris Agreement’s goals
    7Gen is excited to see the launch of the Japan and India country pages in the global 1.5°C national pathway explorer of Climate Analytics. The explorer allows the user easy and intuitive access to country level emissions pathways that are consistent with the goal of the Paris Agreement. The explorer is based on cutting-edge science … Read more
  • Erste MIT En-ROADS Klimagipfelrollenspiele im Rheintal
    AnlĂ€sslich der regionalen Bildungskonferenz im Bereich Energie und Klima hat die 7Gen erstmals im Rheintal den zertifizierten En-ROADS Workshop ‚Klimagipfel der Vereinten Nationen‘ durchgefĂŒhrt, der auf dem Energie-und Klimasimulationsmodell En-ROADS basiert. Das Modell wurde vom think tank Climate Interactive in Zusammenarbeit mit MIT gebaut. Im Mai fĂŒhrten wir insgesamt vier dieser Workshops in abgeĂ€nderter Form … Read more
  • Scenarios for US and China’s increased climate ambition
    We published a major new report today with the Asia Society Policy Institute and Climate Analytics showing that President-elect Biden could table a new U.S. emissions target under the Paris Agreement of somewhere between a 38-54% reduction below 2005 levels by 2030. The report is the first attempt to model comprehensively the possible range in … Read more