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7Gen ist ein Beratungsunternehmen, das fundierte Analysen und praktische Beratung fĆ¼r ƶffentliche und private Organisationen bietet. Als kleines Team mit Ć¼ber 15 Jahren internationaler Beratungs- und Forschungserfahrung bieten wir pragmatische und schlanke Lƶsungen in den Bereichen Energie- und Klimastrategie, Technologie- und Produktentwicklung sowie Projektmanagement und Business Process Excellence.


Unser Angebot

Energy and Climate Solutions

We support governmental and non-governmental organisations in setting ambitious yet achievable energy and climate targets and Paris Agreement compatible medium-and long-term visions, as well as create the roadmaps for their successful implementation.

Business and Product Solutions

We provide flexible project management solutions for organisations of any size and streamline your processes with custom tools so your teams can focus on the work they enjoy doing the most. We support product innovation from conception through prototying to manufacturing.

Technology Solutions

Our wireless sensors provide access to key environmental parameters in indoor and outdoor applications. Custom energy-harvesting modules enable truly autonomous operation and reduce maintenance costs.